A tribute to Urs Felber, A (furniture) love story

“THE FELBER COLLECTION – a tribute to Urs Felber”. The unique and truly innovative collection is a tribute from a daughter to her father, the visionary Urs Felber. The hyper-modular furniture concept enables a generation in search of ways to express its individuality, to give their creativity free reign.



AR3 is simple in detail, angled yet considered lines rise in a positive direction from the base of the product, angled supporting backs swoop around the body for comfort.



Fluidity is the key with AR7, the wine glass shaped stem flows into the seats under curves, blending in a positive direction until it meets its “iconic fringe line” connection, where the headrest meets the main body of the chair.



The design of AR5 is to provide both relaxation and privacy zones in an open space. The two different heights lets you choose your privacy level. You are hidden while you can put your hands on the armrest of the sofa.



With its medium and high options, highline is a perfect and comfy solution. Feel at home, close your eyes and have a rest. Available in two back heights and as a single, two, two and a half and three seater.



This design of STAD Architects is developed for casual contract seating. The range comprises armchairs and sofas in various sizes with add-on and corner modules. Co-coordinating low tables with lacquered tops as cara range complete the picture.



Arredorama is a privately owned Australian company specializing in office furniture. Our focus is high quality European and Australian design.

We directly import finished product and components and  distribute nationally via recognized dealers. Our ranges are exclusive to Arredorama and our dealer network. We maintain direct relationships with specific national Architects, Designers and major corporations.

The owners are active in the business.


Our 600 sq metre showroom is in a historic wool store in Glebe. 

Level 1 / 22 Bridge Road
Glebe, NSW 2037

Trading hours 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday,
preferably by appointment.
Phone+ 612 9552 3022
Fax + 612 9552 3020
Email sales@arredorama.com.au

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  • Ahrend - Netherlands
  • Zimmer - Australia
  • Dietiker - Switzerland
  • Gordon Mather Industries - Australia
  • Köenig + Neurath - Germany 
  • Rexite - Itatly
  • Wittmann - Austria
  • Orange Box – United Kingdom
  • Kloeber - Germany
  • Vizona - Switzerland
  • Desking Systems – Australia
  • Hack - Germany
  • Stevens - Germany


Our delivery and installation capacity is national for both local and international products. We also deliver worldwide – orders can be generated within Australia, manufactured in Europe or Australia then delivered to a third location. Recent project locations include Edinburgh, London, Cape Town and Qatar.  Lead times vary depending on project circumstances, as a general rule the following is reliable for deliveries within Australia: Stock held within Australia  – 1 to 2 weeks  Australian manufacture  - 4 to 6 weeks  Australian veneer – 6 to 8 weeks  Stock held within Europe – 6 to 8 weeks  European manufacture – 8 to 14 weeks  Deliveries to other locations on application.


Creating spaces – protecting habitats.

Environmental protection is a central theme of our time. Our endeavours have to be aimed at reducing pressure on the ecosystem and ensuring that future generations inherit a healthy and intact environment. Our duty to the environment and society is something we at Arredorama take for granted. We all have a duty to lead by example. Protection of the environment is an integral part of our value system.

Protection of the environment is an integral part of our value system.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance throughout the entire production and delivery process. Investment by our factories in innovation enables us to use resource-efficient production methods, environmentally friendly materials and forward-looking logistical planning.  Our production facilities have implemented and maintain a Certified Environmental Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Individual products/ranges have unique certifications depending on the product use and age. These will be supplied as requested.


At Arredorama our philosophy is to offer our clients varied beautiful and timeless furniture, whilst heeding the twin design principles of form and function. Our ranges reflect the diversity of our suppliers and their individual take on design. This can be best seen when you contrast the irony of Rexite with tradition and craftsmanship of Wittmann or König + Neurath’s total commitment to ergonomics and acoustic.

“The company's original vocation for encouraging unexpected and ironic aspects without ignoring functionality, research on materials and respect for the environment continues to reflect the company's philosophy, which may be summed up in a few words: to create objects which are simple but not banal, original but not bizarre”.

“Wittmann is a company steeped in tradition. The wealth of expertise it draws on has been handed down over the years from one generation to the next.Wittmann has a tradition of craftsmanship dating back over a century. Precision, continuity and craft skills have shaped the philosophy of the company since its origins as a saddlery and leather workshop. Sustainability, in the form of long-lasting products, is a central concern. A passionate sense of obligation to a tradition of good design has led to a commitment to classic models that stand out for their uncluttered lines and timeless elegance  The exclusive use of carefully selected quality materials, and unparalleled seating and reclining comfort are the hallmarks of a genuine Wittmann. When you buy a genuine Wittmann you are not acquiring furniture that is already on its way to the dump, but a piece that Wittmann can keep recovering to suit your tastes and changing fashions for many years ahead.Many Wittmann employees come from local families that have been with the firm for generations, and see their work as part of a fine tradition Despite their varying cultural backgrounds, Wittmann shares a common visual language with its designers. It is not a syntax of strident, consistently changing forms, but of restrained elegance. Refined over the years, it has become ever more subtle and shorn of rhetoric, making it instantly identifiable. The outcome is furniture with an unusually long lifespan, born of unparalleled production and design quality.” care. Each piece reflects the same devotion to top-class quality and design.

König + Neurath
“Ergonomics as a concept König + Neurath has been involved with the whole area of “ergonomics” for many years, and it is a cornerstone of the company philosophy. The attention paid to the whole field of interrelated ergonomics defines our product development, our sales approach and the advice offered to our clients. All products marketed by König + Neurath correspond to the latest ergonomic research, and always provide the highest level of functionality and quality. ”

Basic principles of System Ergonomics
Ergonomics is the umbrella expression for anatomy, physiology and psychology in the workplace. Its aim is an increase in the ability to perform and in working conditions, brought about by adjustments to office hardware and to the working environment. The most important basis for the ergonomic design of workstations is provided by the EU Directives on VDU workstations. These legal requirements cover not only the VDU screen, keyboard, desk and task chair, but also include the office environment: space allocation, lighting, reflections and glare, noise, air quality….

The noise level and work performance are closely related. If the room acoustics are not right, performance is reduced. Each office form needs a specific acoustics profile. The specific use of sound-insulating and sound-damping surfaces and materials – particularly with the furniture – is decisive for the sound quality of the room.