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Those of you who know Arredorama well, are au fait with the fact that we are passionate about what we do.

We love Furniture and design and offer superior  expertise and service in key areas of the “Design process”.

Because of these factors , it is of paramount concern that we deliver the same results in our interactive online presence.

Stage one upgrade of our Web site resource is complete , and much of our product mix has been implemented

With exceptional images of product and often , project references, all in a simple and logical format and with options for searching by categories .

This, along with detailed data FAC sheets , contributes to the package of information on each of the products  and collections we promote.

Arredorama has taken time to review Blogs from renowned Industry Luminaries and quite frankly we are mostly disappointed at what we can see.

We think it is more important to get your feedback on what  you prefer when you engage with a  Blog.

Arredorama doesn’t regard , posting of past newsletters or product releases represents  enough Value to you , when you have taken time out to visit a site or a Blog post.

We would love to ignite some debate by offering controversial comment about our Industry , its Buying trends, products on offer , and where it is  heading.

Products , sourced only due to being the least cost in their supply category , isn’t really design –is it?  or isn’t it?

It would seem that tried and tested relationship selling experience is drawing to an end .

Has web site sourcing and the well equipped  informed customer contributed to this demise, or has the busy workplace demands halted opportunity for suppliers and specifiers to interact?

We would like to offer “Blogetitions” to reward our valuable customers , for the time that they have taken to review and offer us feedback on our Posts.

We want to make a visit to our site and especially to our Blog a worthwhile experience , so along with some food OR should we say”furniture for thought”

We will offer SHORTCUTS to useful sites , with remarkable trends and even Business strategies , all of which you may not have been aware of .

So—what are you most looking for when you review Professional Industry Blogs?

Information, product images, project images , competitive awareness, product, colour and finishes trends?

Is the Blog an opportunity for suppliers to deviate from the norm and offer you as the visitor alternate “therapy”?

Do you look or find entertainment , travel or other ancillary opportunities on what would normally be regarded as Professional Industry sites?

Do you smell a rat, with uber style Blogs that are beautifully presented  obviously cash for comment advertorials , or does the relevance to you supersede the “try hard”

Shane Scully 

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With the  emphasis on corruption in organisations  and the decision process these days,How does that affect how you interact with your suppliers and even your own customers?Is this why , it is safer , to review supplier sites at times that suit you ,rather than attending product presentations? 

How do you know that you arnt missing out on submitting the most appropriate product for your client proposal or project? 

Is there ever an ideal or unique way for the supplier to release a product , that is not overly imposing on your time , yet still guaranteed toReach you as the target , and avail the features to you?

Shane Scully 

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Arredorama is an exclusive supplier for the Desking Systems range , something we have promoted heavily , but , has our Industry and direct marketing campaigns had the required effect ?

How could we have improved the effectiveness of  delivering this brand awareness ? 

How do you and your employer , regard rewards and incentives for the support that you have given a supplier? 

How hard can a supplier push to get feedback on a quote that has been submitted?After all you asked for the price in the first place?

Do pushy sales people ultimately lose out , Or does the prompting assist you with your progress for procurement ?

Shane Scully 

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Give us your feedback so we can make our Blog the Industries most appropriate , and customised to suit what YOU want, as the “one stop Blog” for the commercial Furniture and Design accessory community. 

The top  posts will go in to the draw of our inaugural BLOGETITION for a chance to win a  HACK LEDERWARE  day pack, [image below ] and a consolation prize -a double pass to the Archibald at the AGNSW. Posts must be active by 29/3/13 Stay close to our Blog , for details of winning posts and latest information on new products from WOODMARK and the Epitome of the Alternate Workplace Environment  NETWORK PLACE by German  Global Icon manufacturer K + N . 

Shane Scully 

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hack lederware from deutschland

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check out the canvas [linen and cotton] bags and aprons. limited stock left







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