Ahrend, Friso Kramer and Ineke Hans

Stuart Neely - Sunday, May 05, 2019

Royal Ahrend is a more than a century old furniture manufacturing company. For decades Ahrend was the go to place for companies, schools and offices that needed a new interior. Ahrend delivered everything from floor to ceiling.

These days Ahrend focuses on innovative office furniture and sustainable working environments.

One of Ahrend's most famous products is the Revolt chair. The chair designed by Friso Kramer in 1953 was groundbreaking both in terms of its design and in its production method.

In 2010 Ineke Hans designed the 380 chair for Ahrend, designed in the spirit of Friso Kramer's Revolt chair. It is contemporary and innovative in using the latest recycled and recyclable plastics.

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