Acoustic Storage Acoustic Storage

Acoustic Storage

Sliding door cabinet finishedAnti-Microbial (AM) powdercoat

Our sliding door cabinets are more than just a storage area. These perfectly finished cabinets divide spaces in a natural way, The combination of perforations and acoustic materials minimize reverberation time.

The sound-absorbing properties of the doors and the acoustic rear wall, result in a sliding door cabinet which enhances the acoustic climate of your workplace. The stylish tiny perforations in the sliding doors shortens the reverberation time. Increase the effect of noise reduction by adding noise absorbing filling, tested according to ISO 354. The ideal solution for an open-plan office space, they are characterised by simplicity and functionality.

Available with either 2 x sliding doors one side or 2 x sliding doors to both sides.

The standard finish is Satin White Anti-Microbial (AM) powdercoat from Interpon.

  • Widths - 1600, 1800 and 2000mm
  • Heights – 830, 1205, 1580 and 1955mm.
  • 532mm deep.

Made in Australia.


Brand: Ahrend
Designer: Ahrend
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
Warranty: 10 Years