Loungescape Loungescape Loungescape Loungescape Loungescape


A complete solution for Smarter Working, whether you are using the telephone, sending an email, meeting clients, consulting or concentrating. Each of the elements can be upholstered separately and can be used as an acoustic partition. The range is not only perfect for small spaces, but works equally well in larger areas.

Taking a powernap during work is getting more and more popular. And not without reason: employees are more relaxed, productive and concentrated after a nap. To facilitate the powernap, Ahrend developed the Ahrend Loungescape Powernap. This lounger is half open and provides enough privacy for a wonderful powernap. The Whole-Body-Vibration matrass, powered by Neurosonic, gives relaxing vibrations, which allows your muscles to relax. Combined with soothing music, you fall asleep faster. The vibrations of the Powernap can be easily adjusted to your own preferences using the corresponding app. This way, each employee can get all the rest he or she need and fully recharge for work.

Brand: Ahrend
Designer: Basten Leijh
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Lead Time: 12 - 14 Weeks
Warranty: 5 Years